PILLAR 4. Practice

Students are provided with actual performing experience in the professional world, as they participate in concerts, productions and masterclasses produced by the IOA or in cooperation with one of the IOA’s professional partners.

Concerts & productions

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Note: Apart from the concerts and productions listed on the calendar, students are also given the opportunity to perform in private concerts for IOA sponsors. 


Internationally celebrated artists are invited to conduct classes in which they freely share their knowledge and experience.

Although a master’s perception may not completely match the style of the programme, IOA views this confrontation as an enrichment for students. In this way, students are given a broader perspective, and get to know different opinions about singing and opera.

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During the second year of the programme, students are given the opportunity to complete an internship in the professional world. Second-year internships may take different forms: the student may actively participate in the production and sing in performances; the student may act as a cover; or the student may observe in the production process.

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