Pietro Rizzo | the focus will be mostly on the preparation of the Gala, in which the repertoire will be taken from the operas of W.A. Mozart.

“When I come to Ghent for the masterclasses, I usually work with the students on Italian operatic repertoire. Together, we work on interpretation, style and diction, and I try, through the different arias that the students present, to set the example on what should be done musically and technically when the students will have to prepare new repertoire of Italian opera. Also, I show them the what it means to work with a conductor, what they should expect as well as what is expected from them during the work with a conductor, usually during the preparation of an opera production.”

Find the biography of Pietro Rizzo here.



  • International Opera Academy - 14 December 2020

Practical info

Due to the Covid-19 we can not allow public for this Masterclass.

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